Media Coverages

My research have drawn interests from the media folks from all over the world!

Physics of tossing wok
Oct. 28, 2020. CNN “The science behind ‘the breath of a wok,’ an essential ingredient in the perfect bowl of fried rice” Maggie Hiufu Wong(link)
Feb. 28, 2020. Sputnik News “Arroz frito: cómo prepararlo a la perfección según la ciencia” (link)
Feb. 26, 2020. de Volkskrant, Netherland newspaper “Zo werkt de natuurkunde van rijst bakken in een wok” George van Hal & Maarten Keulemans (link)
Feb. 25, 2020. CafeBiz, Vietnam “Các nhà khoa học vừa chỉ ra cách lắc chảo để rang cơm ngon nhất có thể” (link)
Feb. 25, 2020. Gigazine, Japan “チャーハンを炒める時の「完璧な中華鍋の振り方」を本気で研究した物理学者が登場” (link)
Feb. 23, 2020. Replicario, Brazil “Físicos da Georgia Tech desvendam o segredo para aperfeiçoar o arroz frito” (link)
Feb. 23, 2020. arsTECHNICA “Georgia Tech physicists unlock the secret to perfect wok-tossed fried rice” Jennifer Ouellette (link)  
Feb. 19, 2020. DQ, Taiwan “這一次,搞笑諾貝爾獎得主解開「黃金炒飯」的秘密” 徽徽 (link)
Feb. 17, 2020. Ifanr, China “两届搞笑诺贝尔奖得主,这次找到了「黄金炒饭」的奥义” (link)
Feb. 14, 2020. ZME Science “The physics of fried rice” Mihai Andrei (link)
Feb. 12, 2020. GIZMODO, UK “Here’s the Best Way to Make Fried Rice, According to Hungry Engineers” Ryan F. Mandelbaum (link)
Feb. 12, 2020. Popular Mechanics “Use Math and Physics to Flip the Best Fried Rice” Caroline Delbert (link)
Feb. 11, 2020. Science News “How to make the best fried rice, according to physics” Emily Conover (link)
Nov. 23, 2018. Lite News Hong Kong “完美炒飯不簡單?美研究:每0.32秒要秒拋一次鑊” 陳韻詩 (link)
Nov. 22, 2018. ETtoday, Taiwan “「完美炒飯」需要很大力氣! 美來台研究:每0.32秒就要甩1次” (link)
Nov. 22, 2018. India Times “How To Cook The Perfect Fried Rice Every Single Time, According To Scientific Research” Gwyn D’Mello (link)
Nov. 21, 2018. ZME science “Delicious chemistry: the science behind wok tossing” Mihai Andrei (link)
Nov. 20, 2018. Cosmos Magazine “The physics of fried rice” Natalie Parletta (link)
Nov. 20, 2018. Atlas Obscura “Breaking down the physics of wok tossing” Anna Kusmer (link)
Nov. 20, 2018. “How to cook perfectly fried rice, according to scientists” Genevieve Scarano (link)
Nov. 20, 2018. Modgab “The physics of fried rice” Fusberta Charest
Nov. 20, 2018. MSN “Perfect stir-fried rice recipe is all a matter of maths, say scientists” Jane Clinton (link)
Nov. 19, 2018. Dailymail “You’ve been cooking fried rice wrong! Flip It out of the wok like pancakes every .32 seconds for the best flavour, say scientists” Victoria Allen
Nov. 19, 2018. “The subtle science of wok tossing” Steve Nadis (link)
Nov. 19, 2018. “The science behind cooking perfectly fried rice” Kay Vandette (link)
Coming soon, Utah Public Radio, UnDiscipline
Mar. 16, 2020. PRX Number in the news “.3: The secret ingredient to perfect fried rice? Physics.” Bianca Hillier (link)
Mar. 3, 2020. 630 KHOW, iHeart Radio “HungTang Ko (GA Tech PhD candidate) on the science of the best fried rice” Ross Kaminsky (link)
Feb. 28, 2020. Sveriges Radio, Sweden “Forskare har studerat wokning – ger hopp för kockars axlar” (link)
Feb. 25, 2020. PRI The World “The secret ingredient to perfect fried rice is physical” Marco Werman (link)
Feb. 13, 2020. 3AW Breakfast, Australia Ross Stevenson & John Burns (link)
Feb. 12, 2020. Deutschlandfunk, Germany “Die Physik des Reisbratens” Frank Grotelüschen (link)
June 11, 2019. ABC Radio Tasmania, Australia Jane Longhurst
Dec. 20, 2018.CGTN America “Hungtang Ko discusses his research on wok tossing” Mike Walter (link)
Spinning fire ant raft
Dec. 8, 2019. arsTECHNICA “The physics behind how fire ants band together into robust floating rafts” Jennifer Ouellette (link)
Nov. 26, 2019. “Fire ants’ raft building skills react as fluid forces change” American Physical Society (link)
C. elegans and Microfluidic design
Jan. 3, 2017. Penn Today “Penn Researchers Shed Light on the Roundworm’s Curious Swimming Behavior” Evan Lerner, Ali Sundermier (link)