Dear visitors:

I am Hungtang Ko, a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech in Dr. David Hu‘s lab. I am very excited to have you here! On this website, you can find my current and past research projects as well as some other things I’ve done just for fun. I hope you will find them interesting!

Currently, my major research interest is in Bio-Physics and Collective Behaviors. In particular, I am fascinated by:

  • How insect aggregations compare to traditional fluid and/or solid materials and show similar mechanical properties — Viscoelasticity.
  • How collective behaviors emerge as individual insects interact with each other and the fluid environment — Emergence.
  • How opposite effects, such as attraction and repulsion, balance each other in natural swarms — Self-organization.

I strive to bridge beautiful mathematical theories with fascinating animal behaviors. I’d love to invite you to appreciate the beauty and genius of natural design through my projects.

My Current Projects involve two amazing insects, fire ants and black soldier fly larvae, briefly introduced here! The projects include Fire Ant Raft Deformation under Flow,  Fire Ant Raft Formation & Stability, Dripping Faucet of Fire Ants, Metabolic Scaling of Fire Ants, and Blowing up fly larvae.

My first Ph.D. project Physics of Wok Tossing was recently published as the cover of the interdisciplinary journal Royal Society Interface! It has attracted attention from international media such as CNN, ABC Radio Tasmania, German National Radio, and a lot more! See the Media Coverages page for the list!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or interests in my research. It is my Passion to spread the knowledge and love to every one of you!

Best regards,